Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

Multidisciplinary Care

Your RPS team will work in with complementary melanoma and skin cancer experts in fields of medical oncology, radiation oncology, medical imaging and pathology to determine the most appropriate options for advanced management of melanoma and high risk skin cancers.


What is chemotherapy?

Chemotherapy uses anti-cancer (cytotoxic) drugs to destroy cancer cells. Cytotoxic means toxic to cells. Cytotoxic chemotherapy drugs disrupt the way cancer cells grow and divide.

Most chemotherapy drugs are carried in the blood. This means they can reach cancer cells anywhere in the body.

Unfortunately, chemotherapy drugs also affect some of the healthy cells in your body. These healthy cells can usually recover from damage caused by chemotherapy.

When the healthy cells are damaged by chemotherapy, this can cause side effects.


What is radiotherapy?

Radiotherapy uses high-energy rays to treat cancer. It destroys cancer cells in the area where it is given.

Some normal cells in the area can also be damaged by radiotherapy. This can cause side effects. These normal cells can usually repair themselves, but cancer cells cannot. As the normal cells recover, the side effects usually get better.

Our Canberra specialists

The team at RPS Canberra are committed to providing you with the best possible outcome.

The extensive specialist skills of our surgical team ensure that you are provided with surgical options designed to maximise form and function.

Our surgeons hold an impressive array of academic credentials, extensive professional experience and a personal commitment to patient satisfaction.