Patient Information

We will take the time to evaluate and discuss your condition to ensure you understand your diagnosis and formulate a treatment plan.

Fees and Rebates

What to expect

Initial consultation

An initial consultation for a new problem is $280 to be paid in full on the day. You will receive a rebate from Medicare of $81.30.

Follow up consultation

A follow up consultation is $180, to be paid in full on the day. You will receive a Medicare rebate of $40.85.

Surgical review

There is no fee for reviews in the first few weeks after your surgery.

Procedures in rooms

If you elect to have your local procedure done in the RPS Rooms, you will be charged a consumables fee of $180 to cover the cost of the consumables used during your operation.  This fee is not claimable through Medicare or your health fund. Your quote for surgery in the rooms will include an out-of-pocket fee from $600, depending on the complexity of your surgery. You will be required to pay the total invoice on the day of surgery.

Our fee structure does not include any pathology fees that may be charged.

Cancellation Policy

If you wish to cancel your scheduled appointment, please contact RPS Australia at least 48 hours prior to your appointment on 02 6163 1688.

As our appointments are in high demand, early cancellation will allow other patients the possibility of seeing the doctor.

Cancellation or changes to a scheduled appointment time within the 48 hour notice period, may attract a cancellation/non-attendance fee.


Non Attendance and Cancellation Fees

  • A minimum of 48 hours notice, prior to your scheduled appointment time, is required for cancellation or changes to appointment times
  • Patients not attending or cancelling their appointment within 48 hours of their scheduled appointment time will be charged a non-attendance fee
  • The non-attendance fee for a standard appointment is currently $50
  • Please note no subsequent appointments will be booked until the non-attendance fee is settled
  • Any subsequent appointments will need to be pre-paid. This payment will be forfeited if you cancel within 48 hours or do not attend.
More information

Our Process

Receiving an Initial Consultation

The type of procedure that you receive, the body parts that you are trying to reconstruct, and other factors may impact the effects of your reconstructive surgery. However, you can generally expect to begin this process by getting an initial consultation with our RPS surgeon.

During this meeting, our Doctor is likely to look at your affected body parts and discuss the issues that you experienced after your illness or accident. He might also ask you to discuss your medical history and describe the changes that you would like to achieve in this part of your body. This may include clinical photography which allows for planning your surgery and monitoring your progress. This information can help him determine whether you might benefit from receiving a reconstructive procedure.

You can book a consultation here.


Preparing for Your Procedure

After you have scheduled your procedure, we can provide you with specific instructions about how to prepare for your reconstructive surgery. For example, we might instruct you to schedule some time off from your job and prepare a comfortable room in your house or apartment where you can rest during the beginning of your recovery period.

In addition to instructing you to set up a room in your home, we might advise you to recruit a friend or family member to help you with household tasks, childcare, and other duties for a couple of days.

Details of Your Procedure

Our RPS surgeons use a variety of different techniques to perform reconstructive procedures. These techniques can be adapted to fit the condition of your injured body part and the degree of correction that you are trying to achieve. He can provide you with more details about this process after your initial consultation is complete.

Beginning the Recovery Process

As you might expect, the type of procedure that received, your age, health, and other factors can all impact the duration of your recovery period. For example, if you received a complicated reconstructive procedure, you might have to spend a couple of weeks recovering at your home. We may instruct you to take medications during the beginning of your recovery period.

What Is the Difference Between Aesthetic and Reconstructive Procedures?

At RPS, we provide reconstructive and aesthetic procedures to clients requiring reconstruction. In general, aesthetic procedures can be used to change the appearance of normal body parts. In contrast, reconstructive procedures are used to repair body parts that became damaged after an injury, accident, or illness or to correct congenital differences.

When used in combination, aesthetic and reconstructive techniques can be used to achieve the best possible outcomes.


Understanding Aesthetic Procedures

Reviewing some of the procedures that we offer may help you understand this difference. For example, our surgeon can use implants to improve symmetry when one or the other breasts requires reconstruction. When this is undertaken purely into increase the size of breasts, it is an aesthetic procedure known as a breast augmentation. At RPS Canberra, our specialty is managing patients requiring reconstruction with whatever techniques may be necessary to achieve the best possible outcome.

Dr Findlay is also actively involved in innovative clinical trials for new procedures and techniques that are not available to other surgeons.

Understanding Reconstructive Procedures

In contrast, a procedure that is used to reconstruct your breasts after an illness is a type of reconstructive procedure. If you have breast cancer, you might receive a mastectomy that alters the appearance of this area of your body. Our surgeons can use a variety of techniques to reconstruct your breasts. Since these techniques are used to correct the changes that you experienced after your mastectomy, including improving the appearance of both breasts, this procedure is a type of reconstructive surgery.

Worksafe / Road Traffic Accidents

Work related injuries and road traffic accidents

We regularly take care of patients after they have suffered from workplace injuries and road traffic accidents. Contact us if you need care for your workplace injury or for a second opinion. Workcover and your relevent insurance company is directly invoiced for those clients with a current claim.

Prior to making an appointment

Please fill out Our Patient Form, sign it and submit it to us.


We can submit the claim to Medicare on your behalf

Private health does not pay a rebate on out of hospital consultation.



Getting here and parking


Car Parking

Car parking is available for visitors and patients at various sites located on the hospital grounds. The main parking can be accessed in the multi-story parking entry via Bateman Rd.

All zones are clearly marked providing direction on duration of parking.

Patients with disabilities or those acutely unwell can be dropped at the front of Main entrance to National Capital Private Hospital.


Public Transport

There are several buses that drop near or around National Capital Private Hospital. Route R6, 60,61,72,76,77 and AMC Shuttle Service. Their timetables can be found at under Canberra Hospital.

There is a bus stop within 200 metres of the main entrance to the hospital that takes patients directly to the Woden Bus Interchange.

A Taxi rank is located 100 meters from the hospital, alternatively our friendly reception can call a taxi for you.

Uber is also available.

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The accomodation options that are listed are sourced from Google accomodation and have been chosen based on proximity to RPS Canberra rooms. They are not recommendations.

Distance from RPS Canberra
  • Adobe Woden


  • Statesman Hotel


  • Forrest Hotel and Apartments


  • Garden City Hotel


  • Hyatt Hotel, Canberra


  • Knightsbridge, Canberra


  • Burbury Hotel and Apartments


  • Ramada Diplomat Canberra


  • Little National Hotel, Canberra


  • Brassey Hotel, Canberra


  • Rydges Canberra


Our Canberra specialists

The team at RPS Canberra are committed to providing you with the best possible outcome.

The extensive specialist skills of our surgical team ensure that you are provided with surgical options designed to maximise form and function.

Our surgeons hold an impressive array of academic credentials, extensive professional experience and a personal commitment to patient satisfaction.